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Activate your Vivint Panic Pendant

Hold down the panic button for 2–3 seconds for the pendant to activate. When the device is activated, the light on the top of the pendant should come on for at least one second to indicate signal transmission. This device will not work outside the range of the panel—about 300 feet in open space.

Once activated, the pendant will send a medical panic alarm to the panel and the panel siren will sound. The 24/7 Vivint monitoring team will be alerted and attempt to contact you over the two way talk feature on your panel. The specialist will assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate authorities to help you.

If you have the next gen model of the panic pendant, there will be a light on the top and bottom of the pendant that will flash red when it is activated. The next gen pendant is activated the same way with a button press of 2-3 seconds and must also be within range of the panel to send the signal.

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