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Add/Remove Users

You can invite your family or close friends to access to your system from your SkyControl display. To add a new user, follow these steps:
1Go to the home screen of your SkyControl display
2Press the 3 horizontal bars, or Menu icon, from the menu bar at the bottom of the panel
3Press the Gear icon

4Enter your 4-digit PIN
5Tap 'Users & Permissions'
6Tap the plus icon
7Enter the username
8Enter the 4-digit code that will be assigned to this user twice to confirm it
9To set admin rights, tap the new user’s icon and toggle the admin slider to on. Granting admin rights to a user will allow them to access settings on the panel, including users, panel security and networking options. It will also allow the user to create custom rules and notifications via the mobile app
10To allow a user to have remote and online access, you will need to add an email address to the user at the panel. After adding the email, press the 'Send Invitation' button. This will generate an automated email that will notify the new user that they have been granted remote access. Once the email is received, the user will need to accept the invitation and then create a password. Please note, email addresses for users must be unique
11To remove a user, tap the user and scroll down to 'Remove user'

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