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Add a Second Router

Did you know that today's connected lifestyle can add a lot of congestion on your home's WiFi network, slowing it down? Adding a second router dedicated to your Vivint Smart Home system can reduce this congestion and help your system function at peak performance. Follow the steps below to connect your Vivint SkyControl panel to a second router and increase your smart home's speed!
1To connect a new secondary router, you will need to run an Ethernet cable directly from your existing modem or from your existing primary router (whichever one has an available 'out' port)

2Plug in the Ethernet cable to an 'out' port on your modem or existing router, connecting the other end to the port labeled 'Internet' (usually yellow) on your new router
3Connect the power source to your new router and wait a few minutes for it to boot up and to start broadcasting wireless networks

4To reconnect your SkyControl to the new WiFi channel, go to your panel and tap the menu icon from the bottom right corner
5Tap 'General'
6Enter your 4-digit PIN
7Tap 'Conectivity'
8Tap 'WiFi'
9Tap on the network name to choose to connect to a new WiFi channel
10Select the new network that you would like to connect to and enter the password from the sticker on the new router

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