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Adjust sensitivity (V-GB2)

The glass break detector, V-GB2, has three sensitivity settings available:

  • High (H): The high sensitivity setting has a maximum range of up to 20 feet and should be used when distance is the priority. When set to high, the GB2 should not be installed in a noisy environment.

  • Medium (M): The medium sensitivity setting (default) has a range of up to 10 feet.

  • Low (L): The low sensitivity setting has a range of up to 5 feet. This setting will help limit false alarms in noisy environments with acoustically reflective surfaces.

Follow the steps below to learn how to adjust the sensitivity of your glass break detector.

1First, make sure that your system is disarmed and note that you may hear some beeping from the panel when you open the detector
2Go to your glass break detector
3Use a key to depress the tab on the top of the detector and pull towards you to remove the device from the base
4Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to turn the dial so that the small arrow points to the desired setting
5Align the bottom corners of the device and then snap the top corners into place. Make sure that the sensor is fully mounted with no gaps between it and the base

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