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Change Batteries for DW11 Sensor

Your sensor will alert you via your touchscreen panel when your batteries are low and are in need of changing.

You may have a DW11 door sensor if your sensor was recently installed and has a small groove on the side. If you have a DW11 door sensor, follow the steps below. If not, please refer to our DW10 battery change tutorial. You will need one CR2032 batteries.

1Locate the correct door/window sensor. Before changing the battery, make sure that your system is disarmed and note that you may here some beeping from the panel when you open the sensor
2Using a small coin, remove the cover plate from the sensor. Use the notch found on the top or bottom of the sensor and do not remove the entire sensor from your door or window
3Remove the old battery by sliding the battery out sideways. You can use the same coin to assist in pushing the battery out
4Insert the new battery, making sure to place the battery positive side up
5Reattach the cover, making sure the line on the cover matches the line on the case

6You can test the sensor by opening and closing your door or window and checking your activity feed to see that it is communicating. Remember to safely dispose of the old battery

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