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Change the Batteries

Tilt sensors are used to monitor overhead garage doors. You can either have a tilt sensor on its own in your system, or you may have a garage door controller that came with a tilt sensor. To change the batteries in the 2GIG-Tilt1 sensor, you will need one CR2032 battery. Follow the steps below to learn how to change the battery.

Video Tutorial

1Before changing the battery, make sure that your system is disarmed and note that you may here some beeping from the panel when you open the sensor
2Remove the cover from the sensor. Use a small flat head screwdriver and insert it in the case seam then twist to loosen the cover. Then pull the cover off to expose the battery
3Remove the old battery. You may need to use the small flathead screwdriver to leverage the battery out of the sensor
4Place the new battery in the sensor with the positive sign facing up
5Replace the sensor cover by lining up the two corners furthest from the battery and then snapping the other two corners up into place
6Remember to safely dispose of the old battery

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