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Change the Batteries

If your batteries are low, you’ll be alerted by the touchscreen panel and the lock itself will flash red. The life of your batteries will vary based on use, but you can expect them to last between three to five months. Though, extreme temperatures may cause your batteries to deplete faster than normal.

To change your batteries, follow these steps:

1First, make sure your system is disarmed. Remove the screw from the side of the door lock, if needed.
2Lift the back plate up and off the inside door lock. Then remove the battery cartridge tray.
3Remove all four old batteries and replace with four new, AA batteries.

4Put the cartridge back into the door lock with the arrows pointing at the door.
5The door lock will power back up. Once the noise stops, replace the back cover. Replace the screw if you removed one.
6To clear the low battery alert from your panel or app, run the lock motor by locking or unlocking directly from your panel or app.
7Safely dispose of the used batteries.

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