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Check Wireless Signal Strength

The quality that your Vivint Doorbell Camera video feed is displayed on your app, panel, and online account is dependent on three factors: the signal strength of your camera to your panel, your home network speeds and the number of other cameras in your home. To check the wireless signal strength of your Doorbell Camera, follow these steps:
1From the home screen of your SkyControl™ display, tap the camera icon
2If you have multiple cameras, scroll left or right to find the thumbnail for your Doorbell Camera
3Tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner
4Enter your 4-digit PIN
5Tap 'Camera Info' from the menu options on the right. The current signal strength will be displayed
6If your signal is between 80-100%, you have optimal signal strength. To learn more about your signal strength and how it affects your video quality, click here

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