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Connect Alexa App to Vivint Smart Home

Congratulations on your new Amazon Echo device! Be sure to follow the setup instructions included in your Amazon Echo box before trying to enable the Vivint Smart Home skill*.

* Not available in Canada

1Open your Amazon Alexa app
Note: Your Echo device must be fully set up with your Alexa app before you can connect to Vivint Smart Home
2Open the menu and tap 'Skills'
3Search for the Vivint Smart Home skill. There are two skills available. We recommend that you enable both if you have thermostats and lights connected to your Vivint Smart Home
The 'Complete' skill controls the full system with the command "Alexa, ask Vivint..."
The 'Basic' skill controls lights, thermostats, doorlocks and cameras without having to say "ask Vivint..." You will need the Basic skill enabled in order to view cameras on an Echo Show device
Click here to learn more about the different skill sets
4Enter your Vivint username and password and tap 'Sign in' to link your Vivint Smart Home account to your Amazon account
5Your Amazon Alexa app is now connected to your Vivint Smart Home system. To link all of the names of the devices in your home, say "Alexa, discover my devices" to your Echo device

Click here for a list of commands that you can now use to control your smart home from your Echo device

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