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Connect to WiFi

The SkyControl panel can be connected to your home wireless internet to enable the use of cameras and faster mobile commands. To check if your panel is connected to your internet, follow these steps:

1From the home screen of your SkyControl, tap the menu icon in the bottom right corner
2Tap General
3Enter your 4-digit PIN
4Tap Connectivity
5Tap WiFi
6From here, you can see what network you are connected to and access diagnostics, a speed test or connection test, or reboot your network module. If your panel is not connected or you need to connect to a different network, tap the right arrow on the first menu option
7Select the network that you would like to connect to. You may be required to enter your WiFi password

NOTE: If your panel software has been updated to 3.6, please continue to the following steps
8After selecting the network name, tap Refresh List
9Tap Join other network
10Enter the network name and password, then tap OK

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