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Create & Manage Recording Schedules

You will automatically receive video clips when an alarm is activated. But you can also set your system to receive custom recordings when motion is detected or a sensor is triggered. To create and manage these recordings, follow these steps:
1Log in to the online account center
2Click 'Control my home'
3Choose 'Video' from the main navigation
4Choose 'Video Recordings' from the sub-navigation
5To add a new schedule, choose 'Add Schedule' in the upper-right corner
6Select the category of recording you would like to receive
7Fill out required fields suited to your preference
8Click 'Save Schedule' to save or 'Cancel' to start over
9To edit an existing schedule, go to the Recording Schedules tab. You can toggle the schedule on or off, edit it, remove the schedule, and select the format in which you’ would like to receive your clips

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