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Delete a User

There will be times you will need to delete a user from your system. For example, if you went on a vacation and wanted to grant a pet sitter access to your home, you could give them their own user code with unique access credentials to your home--but you’re back now, and for safety reasons should delete a user who isn’t actively using your system.

To delete a user from your Vivint Go!Control panel, follow these steps:

1Go to your touchscreen panel and touch the home button
2Choose the Security button from your home screen
3Choose the Menu button
4Choose the Toolbox button
5Choose User Codes from the menu
6Enter your master code
7Choose the user you wish to delete, and then press delete user
8Confirm that you want to delete the selected user by tapping delete user
9A confirmation window will appear when the user has been deleted. Press 'OK'

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