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If you get a new phone or would like to sync another phone to your Vivint Smart Drive, it is as simple as downloading the app and logging in. Follow the steps below to learn how to set up the Vivint Smart Home app on your phone.
Apple Users: Search for “Vivint Smart Drive” from the Apple App Store and download the free app or click here
Android Users: Search for "Vivint Smart Drive" in the Google Play store or click here and download the free app
Windows Phone Users: We currently do not have an app for the Windows mobile operating system. However, from the browser on your windows phone, you can go to vivintsmartdrive.com and save that page as a live tile on your home screen for quick and easy access to your files and photos
Once the app is downloaded, log in with your Vivint Smart Drive email and password credentials. If you have not yet set up your account and access to your Vivint Smart Drive, follow the instructions here.

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