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Edit Users

You can edit a user’s permissions and access levels anytime from your Panel. To do this, do the following:
1From the home screen, tap the 3-dot Menu icon in the bottom right corner.
2Tap Users.
3Enter your 4-digit PIN.
4Select the user you wish to edit.
5From here, you can:
  • Edit admin rights using the on/off switch.
  • Add or change personalized PINs.
  • Customize lock access, such as giving front door access but not back door or vice versa.
  • Send access invites to users.

Keep reading below for how to take these actions.

Edit Admin Rights

1 Do this by sliding the Admin switch On/Orange. Remove Admin access by sliding the button Off/Black.

Add/Change PINs

1 Add a personalized PIN for this user by sliding the Separate lock PIN button On. A new option will appear for Lock PIN, select it.
2 You will be prompted to enter a new 4 or 8 digit PIN that is unique for this user. Press Save, re-enter the PIN to confirm and press Save again.
3 A pop-up confirms the PIN has saved, and the Lock PIN section now displays the new personalized PIN.
4 To change this PIN, tap Lock PIN and enter a new PIN. To delete, tap the Separate lock PIN button Off.

Customize Lock Access

1 Lock Access determines which locks in the home each user can access. For example, you can allow a user to access the front door but not back door. To customize, slide buttons to ON position to give access, and Off to take it away.

Invite Users

1 You can invite someone to access your home, by providing either their Email or Phone. Select the delivery method and a touch keyboard allows you to enter the user’s email, or phone number. Once this information has been added, tap Send invitation to grant remote access to your system via the Vivint app.

Delete Users

1 To delete a user, tap Delete user and confirm by pressing Yes.

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