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Create/Edit Thermostat Schedules

Creating schedules for your Vivint Smart Thermostat is a great way to save money and conserve energy. For the best results during cooler times of the year, set your target temperature a little cooler than you would while you aren’t home. Likewise, during warmer times of the year, set your target temperature a little warmer than you would when you aren’t home.

To create custom thermostat schedules online that reflect your lifestyle, follow these steps:

1Log in to the online account center
2Click 'Control my home'
3Choose the 'emPower' tab
4Choose Thermostats and select the thermostat that you would like to edit if you have more than one
5In the Schedules section, use the overhead tabs to determine which schedule you would like to create (Heat, cool, or extreme temps)
6To create a schedule, select the day of the week, the time and the desired temperature you’d prefer for that time block and click 'Save Schedule'
7For your convenience, we have created thermostat schedule templates for you to follow. To access these templates and apply them to your home, click 'Energy-Saving Templates' from the lower left corner

8Fill out required fields suited to your preference
8Click 'Save Schedule' to save or 'Cancel' to start over
9To Edit an Existing Schedule, navigate to the schedule you would like to edit and select the sections you would like to change. You can change the temperature and drag the edges to change the time blocks

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