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Manage your Vivint Smart Thermostat

You can view, adjust, and schedule any thermostat in your home from your online account. You can also receive alerts, create Smart Schedule Overrides, and view the local weather from the main dock. To manage your thermostat online, follow these steps:

1Log in to the online account center
2Click 'Control my home'
3Choose the 'emPower' tab
4Choose Thermostats
5In the left corner, you will see the current temperature of your home and the mode it is in. If you want to change the mode, click the up-arrow, and list of what you can change it to will appear (Heat, Cool, Auto, or Off). You will also have the option of turning schedules on or off
6Schedules give you the capability to predetermine the temperature of your home and use smart technology to learn times when you are likely to be home and likely to be away. Set up your schedules in the section below, and then check the box if you would like them to be on. For more details on creating schedules for your thermostat, click here
7If you would like to manage other Smart Thermostats in your home, select your thermostat from the drop-down menu on the left

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