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Access Billing

You can easily access your billing and make payments at any time from your online Account Center. If you have not yet set up your Account Center, click here. Once logged in, follow the steps below to view your billing and make a payment.

View and Download Billing History

1Login to the account center.
2In the Billing tile, click Billing History.
3Below your current balance, click Download billing history.

Manage Payment Methods

1Login to the account center.
2On the Billing tile, click Update payment info.
3You can add, edit, or delete payment methods here.

Make a Payment

1Login to the account center.
2If you have auto payments enabled, you will see the next bill amount and when the payment will be processed. If you are not on auto pay, you will see the next bill amount and when it is due with an option to make a payment at the bottom of the Billing tile. Click Make a payment.
3Enter the amount you would like to pay and select the payment method you would like to use. Click Continue and then confirm the transaction.
To learn more about billing and the Account Center, click here.

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