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Identify Lights

The lights on the bottom of your Space Monkey will tell you what status your device is in. The term 'Heartbeat' means two blinks and a pause. Refer to the key below for light meanings:
All Off: Your Space Monkey is off/ not receiving power

Solid Blue: Your device is powered on, but still booting up. This could just be it doing a normal file system check, and could take a few minutes or even hours depending on how big your file system is. If it persists overnight, contact support

Slow Blinking Blue: Normal operation

Fast Blinking Blue: Installing updates

Heartbeat Blue Over Solid Green: Device not provisioned; ready to provision

Heartbeat Orange Over Solid Blue: The process for running the lights is not working; this can be part of the normal update process, but if it lasts longer than 5 minutes power cycle device and then contact support if the problem persists

Solid Green and/or Orange: Booting up

Slow Blinking Orange: No internet access, check your device's network cable and your internet connection. If the connection should be solid, power cycle the device. Contact support if it persists

Fast Blinking Orange: Network cable disconnected, check your device's network cable. If it is connected, power cycle device. Contact support if it persists

Heartbeat Orange: Internal error. Power cycle device and if it persists contact support

Heartbeat Orange Over Solid Green: Recovery mode, contact support

Slow Orange Blinks Over Solid Green: Hard drive missing or failed, contact support

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