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Normally a Vivint field service professional will install and position your Vivint cameras, but after installation you can move your cameras wherever you want. If your camera loses connection or if you change your wifi provider, you may need to reinstall it to your router.

These instruction are for customers with the Go!Control panel. If you have a Skycontrol panel and you need to add a camera, please click here.

To install your Vivint Pan & Tilt camera to your Go!Control system, complete the following steps:

1Connect the camera to your router with an Ethernet cable
2Plug the camera's power cord in and wait for the light on the front of the camera to turn green. This can take a few minutes
3Once the light is green, go to your computer and log in to the online account center and click 'Control my home' (NOTE: Do not use the Safari browser on a Mac or your installation will fail. You can view the camera through your online account from Safari, but you can not install it from this particular browser)
4Go to the Live Video sub tab under the Video tab
5Choose the Video tab
6Choose the Live Video tab
7Click the link that says “Click here to add a camera to this account.” This will take you through an installation wizard
8Choose the Find Cameras button. A list of available cameras will be displayed. Usually just the camera you’re trying to install will show up
9Make sure the MAC address matches the one on the label on the back of your camera
10Select the camera that you want to add and click Continue
11Name your camera and click Continue again. It may take a few minutes to finish configuration
12Once it’s configured, click on Configure Wireless Network Settings for This Camera
13Choose the Scan for Wireless Networks button and select your home wireless network OR enter the name of your home wireless network, the encryption type, and the wireless network key
14Choose the Save button
15Once that is all saved, you can disconnect your camera from your router and move it to where ever you would like it in your home. It must be close enough to your router to get a signal. If the camera has trouble connecting where you place it, you may need a wifi extender. You can purchase wifi extenders at most electronic stores
16When your camera is installed, make sure you test it

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