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Create Custom Schedules on Sky app

You can create custom schedules for your lamp modules from your Vivint Sky app by following the steps below.
1Tap the menu icon in the top left corner
2Tap 'Custom Actions'
3Tap the plus icon in the top right to create a custom schedule for your lamp module
4Tap 'Outlets to turn on'
5Select the outlets that you would like to control
6If you have a dimmer enabled, select what percent you would like the outlet to turn on to
7Select what you would like to trigger the outlet to turn on. In this case, we will select 'each day at'
8Select the time you would like the outlet to turn on
9Select whether you would like to have the outlet come on and stay on, stay one for a select amount of time, or turn back off at a certain time. If you select to have it turn off after a certain amount of time or at a specified time, make your selection on the next screen
10The new rule will be summarized here. Tap done to save the rule

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