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Manage Tamper Alerts

If your flood sensor is sending tamper alerts to your panel and nothing appears to be wrong with your sensor, complete the following steps to fix your sensor:

1Go to your touchscreen panel and put your system in Test Mode
2Go to your flood sensor
3There are two pieces to the flood sensor: the piece that sits on the floor and the piece that is attached to the wall. You’ll want to check the part of the sensor attached to the wall
4Remove the cover from your sensor
5Locate the spring on the inside
6Check to see if the spring is bent or overly depressed. If it is, gently bend the spring back into place or call Customer Care to replace your sensor.
7If the spring is NOT bent or overly depressed, replace the cover. Sometimes this alone will fix the problem
8Go to your touchscreen panel to see if there is still a tamper alert on the touchscreen. If your sensor is still sending false tamper alerts, contact our Customer Care team via chat or email for assistance
9Be sure to exit Test Mode on your touchscreen panel when you’re finished
If this still does not clear the alert, you may need to reset your panel

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