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Manage System Rules

System rules are an easy way to customize your Vivint system. They allow you to complete multiple actions with one command. For example, you could set up a rule that when you arm your system to Away, your lighting controls turn off and your doors lock.

To manage system rules for your Vivint system, follow these steps:

1Log in to the online account center
2Click 'Control my home'
3Choose the 'emPower' tab
4Go to the Rules page
5Once you reach the Rules page, you can see which rules you currently have set up and whether they are turned on or off
To add rules, follow these instructions:

1Click Add a Rule on the Rules page
2The system will then ask you which device you want to automate. Choose a device from the drop down menu
3You will then be prompted to fill in blanks from drop-down menus (e.g., arm my system to Stay when my doors lock)
4Once you have decided which devices to automate and how, you can choose what time you want this automation to occur
5Finally, choose whether or not you want to receive a notification when the automated action occurs

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