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Reboot the Camera

If you're having trouble with audio, video or connectivity to the system, you can easily reboot your Doorbell Camera from the Doorbell Camera itself by following the steps below.

Reboot from Doorbell Camera

Watch the video or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Note: The camera cannot be rebooted from the doorbell itself while it's connected to the panel and online.  This is a security feature to prevent people outside the home from rebooting the camera.

  1. Press and hold the button.
  2. The light will cycle through different colors. Once the light turns yellow a second time, release the button.
  3. The light will stay yellow upon release. Wait for the light to turn white.

Once the light has turned solid white, the reboot is complete.

Reboot from SkyControl Panel

  1. Go to your SkyControl panel and tap the Camera icon at the bottom.

  2. Scroll to and select the image from your Doorbell camera.

  3. Tap the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of the feed then enter your 4-digit PIN.

  4. Scroll down and tap Reboot camera, then confirm you would like to reboot the camera. The camera will take a couple minutes to go through the reboot process.

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