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If you change Internet providers or your router settings, then it may be necessary to reconfigure your Vivint Fixed cameras. Complete the following steps to get your cameras back up and running:

SkyControl Users:

1Go to your SkyControl panel and tap the menu button in the bottom right corner (three horizontal lines)
2Tap 'Settings'
3Enter your master code
4Tap 'Installer Toolbox'
5Enter your installer code. If you don't know what your code is or have trouble getting into the installer toolbox, chat in for assistance
6Tap 'Cameras'
7Tap the camera that needs to be reconfigured
8Tap 'Delete' in the top right corner
9Go to your camera and use a paperclip or safety pin to press and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds to fully reset the camera
10You will then need to re-add the camera. You can follow the steps here to add the camera back to your panel

Go!Control Users:

1Unplug your camera and move it to your router. Use an ethernet cord to connect your camera to the router
2Plug the camera's power cord in and wait for the light on the front of the camera to turn green
3Once the light is green, go to your computer and log into your online account center
4Click the 'Control My Home' icon
5Go to the Video tab
6Click the Video Device Settings tab
7Click 'Wireless Networks'
8Click the 'Scan for Wireless Networks' button and select your home wireless network OR enter the name of your home wireless network, the encryption type, and the wireless network key
9Click 'Save'

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