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Your Vivint system communicates with our monitoring station over a cellular network. Network providers are shutting off the 2G cellular service used by some Vivint Go!Control system. In order to avoid a lapse in service, Vivint is working with customers to replace the old 2G cell units with new ones. If you think that your Go!Control may need a new cell unit, please call 866.671.1544 to order a replacement unit. If you have already received your new cell unit, follow the steps below to make the swap.

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1Make sure the system is disarmed. This will prevent any false alarms while you’re exchanging the cell unit

2Unplug your panel’s power source

3Remove the screw on the top of the panel with a crosshead screwdriver so that you can remove the panel cover. To remove the cover, take the top corners of your panel with both hands and gently pull towards you. Be careful not to drop the panel and don’t be alarmed if you hear beeping (You may receive an automatic tamper call from Vivint)

4Hang the panel cover on the back plate using the white safety strap and remove the battery wire to fully power down the panel

5Locate the antenna. It may be in the wall and you will need to gently pull it out before you unplug it so that it does not fall into the wall. Pull on the top of the gold connector to remove the antenna from the existing cell unit

6Remove the two screws in the cell unit and remove it from the panel by gently pulling from the bottom

7Plug in your new cell unit in the space where the old unit was and screw it in place with the two screws and washers provided

8Attach your antenna to the new cell unit by snapping it on like a button. If your antenna was in the wall, slide it back into place

Note: Your new cell unit may have two antennas. Make sure that both antennas are connected to the cell unit and threaded into the wall
9You can now plug the battery back in and close up the panel. Lift the panel and line up the two bottom corners first and then snap the panel back into place. Make sure there are no gaps and that all four corners are in place and then replace the screw on the top of the panel

10Plug your panel’s power source back in and give your panel some time to boot up

11Once your panel is booted up, activate your cell unit by calling
866.671.1544. One of our Smart Home Specialists will connect your new cell unit to your Vivint Smart Home service and run a system test with you to make sure everything is working properly.

It is imperative you call to activate your cell unit, or your upgraded Vivint system will not work.

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