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Replace Smoke Detector

Customer safety is our top priority. If your Vivint smoke detector is expired or otherwise needs to be replaced, we will ship a replacement smoke detector to you. Follow the steps below to replace your expired smoke detector once the new one arrives.

1First, put your system in test mode to prevent any false alarms or beeping from the panel while you replace the smoke detector
2Go to your old smoke detector and gently twist the device counterclockwise off of the mounting base
3 Remove the batteries from the smoke detector to power it down and prevent any chirping
4Use a small (#2) Phillips head screwdriver to remove the mounting base and then discard the expired smoke detector

Note: If you are replacing a 2GIG-SMKT3 with another 2GIG-SMKT3, you can leave the base in place and skip to step 6
5To install the new smoke detector, take the device out of the box and locate the mounting base and the small screws included. Place the new base where the old base was and install using the screws
6Insert the included batteries into the new smoke detector
7Before twisting onto the base, locate the sticker on the inside of the smoke detector and write down the last seven digits of the TXID number. This is necessary to pair the detector with your panel
8Once you have the TXID number written down, you can twist the smoke detector clockwise onto the base until the alignment markers line up with each other and the smoke detector clicks into place
9Now you will need to call or chat in with one of our smart home specialists to have the old smoke detector deleted and the new one added to your Smart Home system. Click here to contact us and finish the installation process

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