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Set Heating & Cooling Schedules

Heating and cooling schedules allow you to set your thermostat to heat or cool to specific temperatures automatically during certain times of the week or month. This feature is especially handy for helping you save energy at home by making sure your thermostat isn’t running when you’re not home.

SkyControl Users:

Click here to learn how to edit thermostat schedules from your Vivint Sky app

Go!Control Users:

1Log in to the online account center
2Click 'Control my home'
3Choose the 'emPower' tab
4Choose the 'Thermostats' option
5Choose 'Heating/Cooling Schedules'
6Right above the calendar there are tabs that will let you select heating or cooling schedules
7There will be a weekly calendar below with a slider that you can set the time frame and select the desired temperature
8If you want to copy a specific schedule to multiple days of the week, check the 'Copy Schedule To' check box and select the days of the week you’d like to copy it to
9To load a pre-set schedule, click 'Pre-set Schedules' in the top right area of the calendar and select the schedule you’d like to load
10Click 'Save' to save your settings

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