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Set Pan and Tilt Presets

If you own a Vivint Pan + Tilt camera, you can save preset locations to view. Once you’ve preset a location, you can use these setting in the future to position your camera automatically.

To preset a location on your pan and tilt camera, complete the following steps:

1Log in to the online account center
2Click 'Control my home'
3Choose the 'Video' tab
4Click on the 'Camera Settings' link
5Choose the 'Pan/Tilt Presets' button. This will take you to the Pan/Tilt presets page. From here you can either edit current preset options or add a new preset
6To edit a current option, find the preset you want and then select the 'Edit' button next to that preset. Make whatever changes you want and always click 'Save' when you’re finished
7To add a new preset, choose the 'Add a Preset' button
8Use the arrows on your video display to choose what part of your home you’d like to view during this particular preset. Once you've set the camera position, name the preset (e.g. front door, hallway, kitchen window)
9Click 'Save' to save any changes you've made before leaving this page. You can use this preset at any time once it’s been created

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