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Activate Emergency Services

If you are in an emergency situation, you can call for help directly from your SkyControl display. Should you ever need to activate emergency services, follow these steps:
1Tap the plus button on the bottom left of your panel
2From this screen, you will see three choice: Panic, Emergency and Fire
3If you are in a burglary or medical emergency situation, press and hold the appropriate button. When an audible alarm is heard, a Vivint live agent will be engaged to assess the situation
4If you are in a fire situation, press and hold the fire button. When an audible alarm is heard, Vivint will attempt to contact you at your primary phone number listed

If you ever press any of the emergency buttons by accident, you will be able to enter your master code to silence the alarm. You will need to speak with the agent through the panel or over the phone to cancel the emergency dispatch

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