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Customize Chime Settings

On doors and windows monitored by sensors, your system can be set to sound a chime announcing when that the door or window is opened. Sensors can also be set to have the panel say the name of the opened door or window out loud (e.g., “front door”). Note that the chime and voice announcements only sound while the system is disarmed. During installation, your technician will set each sensor’s chime (tone and voice) option. An administrator user can change the chime options and further customize the system if desired.

NOTE: As a global system option, the chime and voice for all the system’s sensors can be turned on or off using the 'Tone and Voice Chime' option on the panel settings screen (Home > Settings > Panel Settings).

1At the home screen, tap 'Security'
2Tap 'Settings'
3Tap 'Chime and Voice'. The chime and voice screen displays each of the installed sensors that can chime and the option currently set for the sensor
4Tap the name of the sensor you want to configure
5Check the option that you want for the sensor. You will hear each option when you select it. When you find the chime you want, tap 'OK'
6When you are finished, tap 'Back'

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