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With Kwikset Smarkey technology, you can rekey your new Vivint smart locks yourself. This will allow you to use one key for all the locks in your home. All you will need is Key 1 and Key 2 and the small brass tool that came with your automatic door lock. The lock can be rekeyed an unlimited number of times.

For your reference, see the definitions of Key 1 and Key 2 below:

Key 1: The key that came with your automatic door locks.
Key 2: The key that works with all of your home's other locks and that you want to work with your automatic door lock.

Follow these steps to rekey your Vivint door locks:

1Put Key 1 into your Vivint door lock
2Turn Key 90° to the right, so it is horizontal
3Insert the small brass tool into the small hole above the key. Push the tool in until you feel a click
4Remove the tool and Key 1 from the lock without turning the lock
5Insert Key 2 into the lock. Make sure it is inserted fully. Turn Key 2 so it is vertical. You should be able to pull it out of the lock
6Key 2 will now work with your automatic door lock; Key 1 will no longer work

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