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We recommend testing your Vivint smoke detectors on a yearly basis. You will want to test that the smoke detector is working and communicating with your system. Follow the steps below to learn how to test your smoke detector.
1 Select your panel below for steps on how to put your panel into Test Mode:
This will prevent any false alarms or tamper alerts while you are testing the smoke detector.
2Go to your smoke detector. You can either use a punk stick to test your smoke detector or you can push and hold down the test button for four beeps. The smoke detector will continue to beep five more times after pushing the test button. Testing the detector with a punk stick will also cause the smoke detector to beep loudly. To quiet the smoke detector after testing with smoke, press the test button once

Be sure to hold the punk stick at least 12 inches from the smoke detector when testing to avoid damage to the plastic

3Go to your panel and make sure that the panel indicates that the smoke detector was triggered. This ensures that your smoke detector is communicating with your panel properly
4Be sure to exit the test mode on your panel when you are done
5If your smoke detector failed to trigger when using a punk stick, clean the smoke detector thoroughly with compressed air or a vaccum and repeat the test. If your smoke detector triggered when you tested it, but did not communicate with your panel, please contact Customer Care for assistance with the communication problem

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