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My Account & Billing

Vivint’s account center, My Account, gives you access to all of your important account information, billing history, and support related materials, as well as online access to control your Vivint Smart Home system. Check out our overview video of the account center below.



  • Do I need to use a user code to lock the door?

    Nope! You can lock the door by simply pressing the lock button in the center, no user code necessary.

  • I received an installment loan from Citizens One. Where do I go to see my bill?

    If you received a Citizens One installment loan, you will have an additional monthly payment and payment due date with Citizens One. Visit vivint.citizensoneloan.com for more information.

  • What is Vivint Flex Pay?

    Vivint Flex Pay offers simple and flexible payment options to purchase a complete, customized smart home and security system through an equipment installment plan. This includes all of your applicable product, installation, and activation fees. It excludes your monthly payment for Vivint Smart Home services.

  • What happens when I submit more than my monthly payment to my Vivint Flex Pay account?

    If you ever submit a payment that is larger than your monthly bill, the additional amount paid will be automatically applied to future payments towards your Vivint balance.

  • How do I submit an additional payment?

    You may submit an additional payment at any time by logging in to the account center. The payment will be automatically applied to your next month’s payment. If you would like it to specifically be applied to your outstanding Vivint Flex Pay balance, please call 800.216.5232 and speak with a Vivint Smart Home Billing Specialist.

  • If I make an extra payment on my Vivint Flex Pay balance, how does this affect my monthly bill?

    If you make an extra payment in addition to your regular monthly payment, you will see the extra payment apply to your overall Vivint Flex Pay balance. Your monthly payment amount and payment date will stay the same. The additional payment will reduce the overall Vivint Flex Pay balance, not your monthly payment.

  • Can I pay off my Vivint Flex Pay account balance early?

    Yes. If you would like to pay off the Vivint Flex Pay portion of your Vivint contract, please call 800.216.5232 and speak with a Vivint Smart Home Billing Specialist.

  • If I pay off my equipment installment plan early on my Vivint Flex Pay account, am I still in a service contract?

    Yes, your service agreement will continue for your designated contract term length.

  • How much does a service visit cost?

    For the first 120 days after install, just give us a call if any issues come up with your system and we will send out a Smart Home Pro at no cost. After the 120 days, however, there will be a $49 service fee for any service visit. This is to cover the Smart Home Pro's time. If your Vivint equipment needs to be replaced during the service visit, that will be replaced at no extra cost. The service visit also comes with a 60-day guarantee, so if things still aren’t working quite right after your service visit, we’ll send out another Smart Home Pro at no charge when the same issue comes up again.

    If you sign up for the Vivint Premium Service Plan for $10 per month, all service visits and related expenses are included!

  • How long does it take for a requested credit to be applied to my account?

    Credits are a high priority, and in order to ensure customer satisfaction, credits are approved and applied to accounts within 24–48 hours. Please note that the timeframe for approving refunds is the same, however, they can take longer in order to be received and reflected in your bank account.

  • Why is my due date before the billing period ends?

    All monthly monitoring fees are invoiced a month in advance.

  • What is a Prorated Adjustment?

    A Prorated Adjustment distributes the amount of money owed proportionately. Proration occurs when a billing cycle date is updated to a new date during the bill cycle period. For example, if the bill cycle date was the 15th of the month and you called Customer Care on the 10th of the month to update your billing date to the 25th of the month, then the charges would be added to the next bill cycle date in order to cover the charges from the 15th through the 24th.

  • How do I pay my bill?

    You can set up automatic billing or make payments through the Vivint account center. You can also view your billing history and current balance and update payment information from your online account. Visit account.vivint.com to manage your billing online.

    If you would like to mail a payment in the U.S., please send it to:
    Vivint Inc.
    62992 Collection Drive
    Chicago, IL 60693-0629

    To mail a payment in Canada, please send it to:
    Vivint Canada, Inc.
    c/o Lockbox 914410
    PO Box 4090 STN A
    Toronto, ON
    M5W 0E9.

  • Can I change my billing date?

    Yes. You can schedule your billing date to be any day between the 1st and the 25th of the month if you are on the automatic payment method. Your billing date reflects the date that your payment will automatically come out of your account.

    If you do not have automatic payments enabled, you can set your billing date to the 1st or 15th of the month. In this case, your bill will be due on the billing date.

    If you would like to change your billing date, please contact customer care to request the change.

  • Why did I get charged a false alarm fee?

    Some cities will charge a fee for sending a dispatch for a false alarm. If you feel there has been a mistake, you can contact our Customer Care team and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

  • What are my payment options?

    At Vivint, we encourage all of our customers to be on automatic, paperless billing. Not only is this method of billing better for the environment, but it also saves our customers time and effort. Customers can enter a payment method from their online account and opt in for automatic payments. If for any reason a customer needs to opt out of automatic payments, the customer will need to contact our customer care team via chat, email or phone call to verify the change on the account.

  • Where can I download my Certificate of Installation?

    The COI (Certificate of Installation) is conveniently located on the main screen once you log into the account center. You can find the link at the bottom of the page under the Your Account section or from the 'My Home' screen from the Account drop down in the top navigation. You can email this certificate to your home insurance agent for possible discounts.

  • How can I access my Vivint system?

    Click the 'Control My Home' icon from the main account center screen. This will take you directly into the online access site for your specific system. If you have a Vivint system installed at different locations, you will need to select the 'Switch Locations' link on the main account center screen to access the different online controls.

  • Where can I see my latest bill?

    Your current balance is listed on the main screen once you log into the account center. For a full history, click on the 'View Billing' icon or the 'Billing/Payment History' link under the Billing drop down in the top navigation.

  • Does it cost anything to make a payment over the phone or online?

    No. Paying a bill online or over the phone is completely free. You can pay your bill online by logging into the account center.

  • What is the Energy Management fee that is listed on my monthly invoice?

    Your Energy Management Fee is part of your contractual agreement; if you are no longer in contract and interested in downgrading your system, please contact our Customer Loyalty department at 800.216.5232 Ext: 5020.

  • What is the Home Automation fee that is listed on my monthly invoice?

    Your Home Automation Fee is part of your contractual agreement; if you are no longer in contract and interested in downgrading your system, please contact our Customer Loyalty department at 800.216.5232 Ext: 5020.

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