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Hosting guests through Airbnb is now even easier and more secure thanks to your Vivint Smart Home.

How it works:

Vivint will keep track of your bookings through Airbnb and make sure that your guests have the right access at the right time. Your guest will receive an email with a unique keyless entry PIN that will allow them to unlock the door at time of arrival. Vivint will activate the PIN at check-in and deactivate it at check-out so you can have a hands free experience.

To help provide the best possible experience for you and your guests, we’ve put together some helpful support content that you may need to go through before your guest arrives.



  • Why are my custom rules disabled?

    Any custom rules such as turning lights on and off or arming the system at 10:00pm every night will be automatically disabled during your guest’s stay. This is to prevent any confusion or false alarms while your guests are in the home.

  • What will happen if my guest sets off the alarm?

    It is important to make sure that your guests are comfortable with the system and that you have the automation rule enabled that disarms the system when the door lock in unlocked with a user code. If the guest does accidentally set off the alarm, they will be able to disable the alarm with the same code that they enter into the door lock. Vivint will attempt to contact you by calling your emergency contact numbers. Make sure that your emergency contact numbers are up to date and that the first number is a reliable number to reach you at. You will be asked to verify a false alarm and provide your verbal passcode.

  • How will my guest get into the home when they arrive?

    Before arrival, your guests will receive a unique code generated by Vivint to use at the door lock. When they enter the code, the door will unlock and the system will disarm. You do need to have the automation rule enabled that disarms the system when the door lock is unlocked with a user code. Click here to make sure this rule is enabled.

  • Do I need to create a code for my guests?

    No. As long as your Airbnb and Vivint account are linked, Vivint will generate a temporary PIN for your guest that will only work during their stay. The code will be sent to the guest via email before they arrive. Click here to learn how to connect your Vivint account to Airbnb.

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