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Getting Started

Congratulations on your new Vivint system. This Getting Started page covers the basic topics that you will need to effectively begin using your Vivint system. To start, take a look at our interactive video below which covers your Vivint SkyControl display and the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.


  • What is a service window?

    In order to accommodate a variety of installation and service needs, we provide a service window for your appointment. The service window is the period of time that your Smart Home Pro may arrive in. For example you may have a service window from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Depending on the travel time between appointments and length of previous appointments the Smart Home Pro has that day, they will arrive as soon as they are able within that period of time.

  • If I am unable to keep my scheduled appointment, can I reschedule?

    Yes, you can reschedule your appointment by contacting Customer Care at 800.216.5232 ext. 5155. We ask that you give 24 hours notice before rescheduling an appointment.

  • What do I do if I forgot my panel pin?

    Your master pin and all other users pins are all accessible from your Vivint Sky app. Any time you forget your pin, you can log into your app and see it or edit it. Click here to learn how to see your users and pin codes from your app.

    If you have not yet downloaded the Vivint Sky app, click here to learn how.

  • What is the difference between my PIN and my passcode?

    When your Vivint system is installed, your Installation tech will help you set up a PIN for your panel and a verbal passcode that is written on your agreement. The panel 4-digit PIN allows you to disarm your system and unlock automatic door locks connected to your system. The master PIN also allows you to access the menu and settings on your panel. Your passcode that you wrote on your agreement can be a combination of letters and numbers or a phrase. This passcode is how Vivint will confirm your identity when you communicate. For example, if your alarm goes off and a monitoring agent speaks with you through the panel or if you call in and speak with a customer care agent, the agent will ask for your verbal passcode to verify that they are speaking with an authorized member of your Vivint account.

  • How do I set up custom rules and notifications?

    You can set up custom rules and notifications from your app so that you can control and stay in touch with your home. Want the thermostat to adjust the temperature when your system is armed to away? There's a custom action for that. Want to know when your child gets home and unlocks the door lock with his or her code? There's a custom notification for that. To learn how to customize your system, click here.

  • Why is my panel beeping?

    Your panel will beep to alert you of any trouble conditions for your system. This is not an alarm and will not trigger the police or fire department to come. This simply means that you might have a low battery on one of your sensors or a communication issue with one of your sensors. To learn more about panel alerts and how to address them, click here.

  • How do I access my billing?

    You can see your current bill at any time from your online Account Center. Click here to learn more about online billing.

  • How do I set up door lock codes?

    Your door lock codes are attached to users just like the panel pins. There's no need to program the door lock itself, simply edit the codes and grant access from your online account or app. Click here to learn how to edit the codes online or here to learn how to manage users and permissions from the app.

  • What can I expect during installation?

    The time it takes to install your Vivint system will vary depending on the type and amount of equipment you are getting installed. During the installation, the Smart Home Pro will install your equipment, educate you on the system and ensure you are comfortable using the equipment. You can expect the following during your installation appointment:

    1. Pre-installation review
    2. Confirmation of your service and equipment
    3. Walk through of your home
    4. Completion of any necessary paperwork
    5. Equipment installation and testing
    6. Downloading the mobile app on your personal devices and creation of your online account
    7. Training by the Smart Home Pro on how to control your system through your panel and mobile application

  • What will happen during the pre-installation review?

    During the pre-installation review, the Smart Home Pro who will be installing your equipment will first confirm your service and equipment. Then, he will perform a walk through of your home with you which will allow him to know how to customize your system to fit your lifestyle. Finally, you’ll finish up any paperwork before installation of equipment begins.

  • Do I need to be present during my system installation?

    An authorized contract signer is required to be present during the installation. While the hardware of your system is installed in your home, you are free to do what you would normally do. The Smart Home pro installing the equipment may need to ask you questions or update you on the progress of the installation, so don't go too far!

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