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Monitoring & False Alarms


  • What should I do if I am going on vacation and can’t be reached at my usual phone number?

    If you’re going out of town and won’t be accessible through your regular contact numbers, or would like to have someone else called entirely, you can change your emergency contact list from your online account. You can add and remove emergency contacts and rearrange your emergency contacts by logging in at account.vivint.com. Click here to learn more about managing your emergency contacts.

  • How long do I have to disarm my system once I enter my house?

    The default entry delay is set for 30 seconds. This means that your will have 30 seconds from when you open a door to disarm the system. You can also use your mobile app or a key fob to disarm the system before you enter. If you would like to increase the entry delay on your system, please contact customer care. The longest entry delay available is four minutes. Keep in mind that this would also mean that an intruder would have four minutes before the alarm sounded.

  • Is there a way to prevent false alarm dispatches?

    When an alarm is triggered, a monitoring specialist will attempt to communicate with you through your touchscreen panel. If they are unable to reach you there, the monitoring specialist will call the first number on your emergency contact list before dispatching the authorities to your home. If you accidentally trigger a false alarm in the home, you can prevent a dispatch by going to your panel and confirming that it was a false alarm by giving the monitoring specialist your verbal passcode. If you would like to have an alarm handled in different manner, you can create a permanent special instruction on your account. These can be effective in preventing false alarm dispatches. Contact customer care to set up a special instruction.

  • What is the difference between my PIN and my passcode?

    When your Vivint system is installed, your Smart Home Pro will help you set up a PIN for your panel and a verbal passcode that is written on your agreement. The panel 4-digit PIN allows you to disarm your system and unlock automatic door locks connected to your system. The master PIN also allows you to access the menu and settings on your panel. Your passcode that you wrote on your agreement can be a combination of letters and numbers or a phrase. This passcode is how Vivint will confirm your identity when you communicate. For example, if your alarm goes off and a monitoring agent speaks with you through the panel or if you call in and speak with a customer care agent, the agent will ask for your verbal passcode to verify that they are speaking with an authorized member of your Vivint account.

  • Why does the alarm go off as I leave?

    The default exit delay is set for 60 seconds. This means that all doors and windows must be shut at the end of the count down. Once the system is armed, opening any door or window will cause an alarm. If you need to re-enter the home, you will need to disarm the system. You also have the option of arming the system from your mobile app or with a key fob after you have exited the home.

  • What should I do if my motion detector is setting off false alarms?

    If your motion detector has been setting off false alarms, there are a few things you can try to address the issue. Click here for troubleshooting steps for your motion detector.

  • What should I do if I did not receive a call about an alarm on my system?

    It is possible that we have wrong numbers on file for your account. You can check your emergency contact numbers and make sure that they are in the correct order from your online account center. Click here to learn more about emergency contact management.

  • Why does my alarm not have a delay time when I open my window or the glass break is activated?

    Window and glass break sensors are considered perimeter sensors instead of entry and exit sensors. This means that if the system is armed, either for stay or away, and a window is opened, the system will activate immediately instead of starting an entry delay countdown. Likewise, the system will activate immediately if a glass break is triggered while the system is armed.

  • I live in Texas. Where can I go to get a list of all the fire departments in my area?

    Please go to the following website for telephone number, location and notification procedures of your nearest fire department: http://tfsfrp.tamu.edu/FDD/directory. You may also contact customer support.

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