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  • Can I create custom rules and notifications for my outdoor camera?

    Yes! If you would like to learn how to make custom rules and notifications from your app, click here. If you would prefer to use the web app, click here.

  • Can I view my outdoor camera clips on my Space Monkey?

    Yes! Click here to find out how.

  • Can I turn off the LED light for the camera?

    coming soon!

  • What if my camera's status is not displaying correctly online or on my app?

    If your outdoor camera status is not displaying correctly on your phone or the website, check the following to fix the issue: Go to the SkyControl panel, select the Outdoor Camera and then select the settings (gear icon in the bottom left corner) and double check to make sure the camera is online. If the SkyControl panel reports the camera as offline, unplug and re-plug your camera and wait about 5 minutes for the camera to restart. If possible, look on the back of the camera to confirm the LED is green. Check your camera on both your app and online account. If both are working, then the issue is already resolved. If only your computer, app, or neither is working, contact our Customer Care team via chat or email for assistance.

  • What is privacy mode?

    Privacy mode is a setting you can select from your panel that disables the live video feed and clip recording from your outdoor camera. Live video feed can be re-established by turning off the privacy mode.

  • What if the camera isn’t showing up on my online account or my phone?

    Go to the cameras section on your online account center. If you can’t see any cameras listed, contact our Customer Care team via chat or email for assistance. If you can see cameras listed there but not on your mobile app, log out and back in and it should show up.

  • What do I do if my recording schedules aren't working?

    If you cannot see any recorded clips on your panel or on your app, first confirm that the camera is online and the rules are configured correctly. To confirm the camera is online, go to the SkyControl panel, select the Outdoor Camera and then select the settings (gear icon in the bottom left corner) and you will be able to see the camera’s status. If the camera is online, confirm the camera is configured to record rules on motion by logging into your Vivint app, selecting the menu in the bottom right, select Settings and then Devices. Select your Outdoor camera and confirm that the option “Record clip on motion” is enabled. If you have configured additional rules to record clips, go to Custom Actions, Rules and confirm that the rules you created to record clips are enabled.

    If your camera is offline, contact Customer Care for assistance restoring it back online.

  • Can I install a new camera? Or move my old one?

    You can install new outdoor cameras with an additional fee for the camera, installation, and tech. An outdoor camera cannot be mailed to the customer it must be installed by a technician.

    If you need to move a currently installed outdoor camera, please call Customer Care to schedule a technician to come out to the home. Due to liability issues, we must have one of our highly trained field service professionals relocate the camera. Please be aware that a charge to move your camera may be applied.

  • What do the colored LED lights on the camera mean?

    The LED lights on your outdoor camera represent the status of your camera.

    • Solid Green – The camera is connected and it is streaming live video
    • Flashing Red – The camera is not connected and it is not streaming live video. Proceed with troubleshooting
    • Flashing Yellow – The camera is tying to find a connection
    • Solid Blue – The camera is in privacy mode. The camera is connected, but is not streaming live video and is not recording clips

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