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Panic Pendant

One of the smallest remote pendants in the industry, Vivint’s panic pendant transmits an emergency signal from any location in range of your system.

The following support content is for both versions of our panic pendant shown above.



  • What is the range for my panic pendant?

    The Vivint Panic Pendant will only work within the range of your touchscreen panel—about 300 feet total of open space. If there are obstructions such as walls or floors in the way, the range will be smaller.

  • How long do I have to hold down the button for it to activate?

    You have to hold down the panic button for 2–3 seconds for the pendant to activate. When the device is activated, the light on the top of the pendant should come on for at least one second to indicate signal transmission.

  • Is the panic pendant waterproof?

    The panic pendant is water-resistant, meaning it should not be submerged in water. We advise to have it close by when you are in water, but not actually on your person.

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