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At Vivint, our customers are our priority. That's why we want to make sure all the information regarding your agreement is clear and accessible. If your circumstance necessitates a change in your agreement with Vivint, read the policies below to see what options are available to you.

Account Transfer Policy
Moves Policy
Cancellation Policy
Texas Legal Requirements
Natural Disasters & Vivint
Military Policy
Warranty & Service Plan
Referral Policy
Privacy Policy


  • What are my payment options?

    At Vivint, we encourage all of our customers to opt into automatic, paperless billing and payments. Not only is this method of billing better for the environment, it also saves our customers time and effort, reducing the need to write a check or call in to make a payment.

    Customers can enter a default payment method and opt into automatic payments from their online account. Once a default payment method is set, customer cannot opt back into a direct invoice billing process. If for any reason you need to revert back to direct invoice, you will need to contact our customer care team via chat, email or phone call to verify the change on the account.

  • What should I do if I am moving?

    If you have plans to move within the term of your agreement, take Vivint with you.* For assistance and more information about what to do if you are moving, please contact our Customer Loyalty Team at 1-800-216-5232 ext 5025.

    For more information about Vivint’s Moves Policy, click here.

    *Call to confirm service availability.

  • Does my state have any legal requirements for owning a Vivint Smart Home system?

    If you live in certain states, there are some requirements and legal policies with regards to your Vivint Smart Home system. Please click on your state below for more information:


  • Does Vivint offer a warranty on equipment?

    Yes. Click here to read our full Warranty & Service Plan.

  • Are there special considerations for active-duty military families?

    Vivint loves servicemen and women. To show our appreciation to them for keeping our country safe, Vivint is proud to offer flexible policies to meet their needs.

  • What is Vivint's cancellation procedure?

    The process to cancel your Vivint agreement varies depending on how much time remains on your agreement. For more information about Vivint’s Cancellation policy, click here.

  • If I am unable to fulfill the terms of my agreement, what options are available to me?

    If you are unable to fulfill the terms of your agreement, you may be eligible to transfer your Vivint service. Contact our Customer Loyalty team at 1-800-226-5232 ext 5025.

    To learn more about Vivint’s Account Transfer policy, click here.

  • Does Vivint offer its customers a referral program?

    Yes! Vivint offers a comprehensive referral program to its home security and automation customer. Vivint customers receive a $50 bill credit for each customer they refer, plus the referred customer will receive $50 of their bill as well. For more information, please see out Referral FAQs or visit vivint.com/give. For policies, terms & conditions, click here.

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