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Referral FAQs


  • What is the reward?

    We will give you a total of $50 in bill credit for each referral you make that gets a Vivint system activated in their home. We will also give a $50 bill credit to the individual you refer.

  • How does the program work?

    Sharing Vivint security and home automation has never been easier or more rewarding. To share your love of Vivint, give your personal referral code to friends and family and encourage them to visit vivint.com/get and call the number provided there. When the individuals you referred have had a home security or home automation system installed in their home for 5 days, you will both get $50 in bill credit.

  • Is there a limit to the amount I can receive?

    The referral program is limited to 12 referrals per year. If you have more than enough referral credit to pay for your bill in full, we will roll over any excess credit to subsequent months. And because we are offering only bill credit, if you terminate your service with us before your bill credit has been fully applied, you forfeit your right to any remaining referral credit.

  • Do referral invitations ever expire?

    Invitations never expire. In order for you as a current customer to receive credit, you must still be an active customer, but as long as the individual you have referred uses your unique referral code when they sign up, you will both get the referral reward.

    We do reserve the right to change our offer from time to time, and if that happens, you and the individual you referred will receive the current offer at the time they become a new Vivint customer.

  • Are there any restrictions on who can get credit?

    Current customers cannot receive referral credit for secondary locations, and customers that have recently terminated their service will not be eligible to participate in the program as “new” customers for 120 days.

    ACN and Channel Partners are not eligible for this program and cannot combine this promotion with their existing offers.

    Whoever you refer, make sure you tell them what you love about your Vivint system. After all, your endorsement may be the biggest factor in their decision to become a Vivint customer.

  • Do I need to be a Vivint customer to make a referral?

    Yes, to get credit for referring individuals to Vivint, you must be a current Vivint security or home automation customer in good standing.

  • How long do I have to wait for my reward?

    We will give you your reward once the individuals that you referred have had a system installed in their home for 15 days. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing to be completed. You should see the credit on your monthly bill which follows that 15 day period. This may vary depending on your bill date.

  • What happens if the individuals I refer never become Vivint customers?

    If the individuals you refer are not interested in Vivint, there isn’t much we can do. In order to receive your reward, the individuals you refer must have an active Vivint security or home automation system for 5 days. If you have referred individuals who have not yet become customers, make sure they know just how much you love your Vivint system. It doesn’t hurt to remind them about their $50 savings, either.

    We’re eager to give you both your reward, so keep at it!

  • Who can I refer? Do I need to know the person I am referring?

    The referral program is intended for Vivint customers to refer their friends and family to Vivint as new customers, and should not be advertised or marketed in a commercial manner.

  • Is there a difference in referral credit for business or commercial accounts?

    When it comes to referral rewards, we do not differentiate between residential and commercial accounts. If you are a current Vivint customer with a commercial account, we encourage you to share your experience with other businesses and customers alike, and we will reward you when those businesses or individuals become Vivint customers.

    New commercial accounts will be eligible for the program on the basis of one reward per account. Commercial accounts with multiple locations will all count as a single account. Some restrictions apply on commercial accounts based on licensing restrictions.

  • What about the other Vivint products and services?

    Right now, the referral program is limited to current security and automation customers, and the rewards that we offer will only apply when the individuals you refer sign up for our security or automation services.

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