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Small Appliance & Lighting Control Module

With your Vivint lighting and small appliance module, you can remotely control a range of common household devices from curling irons to coffee pots to lamps and know instantly if they're still on.


  • How do I install a device?

    We've created a detailed tutorial explaining how to add a new Vivint device to your home. To view the tutorial, click here.

  • What devices are supported with Small Lighting and Appliance Controls?

    With your Small Appliance and Lighting Control module, you can control any small appliance that can be plugged in and turned on such as lamps, curling irons, toasters, coffee pots, televisions, and more. During the holiday season or special times of the year you can program your holiday lights and decorations temporarily.

  • What side should I plug my device into?

    Every Vivint module has two plugs, one that’s a regular outlet and one that’s a Small Lighting and Appliance Controls outlet. When you plug in the module, the Small Lighting and Appliance Controls will be on the left. You can check this by looking on the back of the module itself, and the side that’s controlled by Small Lighting and Appliance Controls will have a wireless icon it.

  • Can lighting and small appliance devices be managed with schedules?

    Yes. Schedules allow you to automatically turn your modules on or off. For example, if you want your lights to turn on automatically at 8:00 p.m., you can set up a rule for that. You can also set them up to turn on and off in tandem with the system arming or disarming or with a door lock.

    We've created a detailed tutorial explaining how to set up schedules for your small appliances and lights. To use the tutorial, click here.

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