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Vivint Smart Drive

Learn all about your Vivint Smart Drive to back up, access and share your photos, videos and important documents. Click here to download the Terms of Use.


  • Where can I find the Space Monkey terms and conditions?

    You can find the terms and conditions here.

  • How does Vivint Single Sign-On affect me?

    We're excited to announce single sign-on for Space Monkey users with Vivint! Space Monkey account log in information is now hosted through Vivint's secure ID Management system. This simply means you'll now use your Vivint Sky email and password to log in to your Space Monkey. If you don't have a Vivint account or you set up your Vivint Sky access with a different email, your Space Monkey login information will stay the same.

  • Do I need to plug my Space Monkey into a surge protector?

    It is recommended that you plug your Space Monkey into a surge protector to protect your device. Just like any other hard drive, your Space Monkey can potentially be harmed by a surge. However, unlike other hard drives, if your Space Monkey is damaged by a surge your data is still safely stored in the cloud.

  • What happens if my Android app crashes?

    If your Android app crashes, your phone will automatically create a Crash Report and send it to Space Monkey so that we can work on fixing the issue. If your app is crashing repeatedly, it is a good idea to uninstall and then reinstall the app. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@spacemonkey.com.

  • How do I get my iOS device to upload photos to Space Monkey faster?

    iOS devices limit data transfer when the screen turns off. If you would like to download a large number of photos, you can speed up the process by doing these steps:

    1. On your iOS device, go to your 'Settings' app
    2. Tap 'General'
    3. Scroll down and tap 'Auto-Lock'
    4. Set Auto-Lock to 'Never'
    5. Leave the Space Monkey app open in the foreground until all of the photos are uploaded

    For best results, we recommend that you do this while the phone is charging and connected to Wifi. Once your photos are uploaded, you can follow the same steps to turn your auto lock back on.

  • What happens if my Space Monkey breaks?

    Your files are safely stored in the cloud as well as on your device. All files that are backed up to your cloud storage are automatically restored when your replacement Space Monkey device is set up.

  • How do I delete the Space Monkey app from my phone?

    If you would like to delete the Space Monkey app off of your smart phone or tablet, follow the link that corresponds with your device type to learn how

    Apple Users: Click here.

    Android Users: Click here.

  • What do I do if I need to move my Space Monkey or get a new router?

    Once you have completed the initial install and set up of your Space Monkey, you can move your device or plug it in to a new router with no problems. If you are moving or change internet providers, simply plug the Space Monkey into your new router and give it a moment to sync up. You will know it is working when the light on the front of your Space Monkey is slowly blinking blue.

    If your Space Monkey does not start slowly blinking blue after ten minutes, click here to find out what may be the issue.

  • How and when are my files safe?

    The data will be stored in three places. The way storage works is this:

    1. There's an initial "copy" which is you moving the files into the SpaceMonkey folder
    2. Then those files move to your device, the completion of which can be seen by the file icon overlay changing to a blue rocket ship. Until you see the blue rocket ship icon, that file IS NOT safe and IS NOT on your Space Monkey
    3. The files then need to move to the network. Until a complete network sync occurs, you could still experience file loss in the unlikely event of a Space Monkey device failure. You can tell when this is complete by logging in at spacemonkey.com/login and checking for your files. If the files are showing online, then they are uploaded to the Space Monkey cloud

    For optimal security, you might want to keep a backup copy until you've gotten a full network sync. Once the data is stored in all three places, it is safe.

  • Where are my files stored?

    Space Monkey will store your files in three places:

    1. In the cache of the computer where files are first copied in. However, this is only a temporary holding until they have been uploaded to the Space Monkey
    2. On your Space Monkey device
    3. In encrypted chunks, broken up and saved in the Space Monkey cloud

  • Can I auto sync files from my phone?

    Yes, you can set your Space Monkey app to automatically sync your camera's photo library by following these steps. Any time you take a photo with your smart phone or tablet, it will automatically upload to your Space Monkey. This is only an additive sync though. This means that If you delete the photos off of your mobile device, they will not delete from your Space Monkey. That way, you can free up your mobile device storage by deleting your photos and videos once they have uploaded to your Space Monkey.

  • How do I contact support?

    You can contact us anytime by emailing support@spacemonkey.com

  • What happens with duplicate files?

    Our back-end storage system intelligently detects file duplicates and only stores those files once. So, if you have a picture of your favorite cat, Smoopy, and copy it into multiple folders, they will all only take up one picture's worth of storage. They will still appear in all of the appropriate locations in your file system. In fact, you can even copy it multiple times in the same folder and it will still only store one time.

    It is definitely worth noting that this only happens across a single user's account. Since we encrypt files before they leave your device, our network is unable to detect similarities across accounts. So, if you share a file with someone that also has a Space Monkey, you will both store independent versions of the file.

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