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Loss of Supervision

If your touchscreen panel can’t find your glass break detector for whatever reason, this means it isn’t being monitored. To make sure your glass break detector is being monitored, check for all of the following:

Perform a System Test

If your sensor has a history of low battery life, the battery is probably dead and needs to be replaced.

The glass break detector has a range of 350 feet of open air. Any walls of shelves or other obstacles will reduce the signal range. If your glass break detector is too far away from the panel or has too many obstacles blocking the signal, it will not be able to communicate with the panel and may need to be moved closer or additional equipment will need to be installed.

If your sensor is reading Activated or Open, there’s recently been a loud noise close to it that would have triggered an alarm if your system had been armed.

If none of these explain why your sensor isn’t connecting to the panel, contact customer care for assistance.

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