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Connectivity Issues

When having connectivity issues, there are a few things you can do to determine which device is the cause. You will want to follow these three steps to pinpoint the issue:
1You will first want to check the different devices that are connected to your network (either wirelessly or directly to the router) such as your computers, game-station, cellphones and tablets. If one device is not connecting, but another device connects just fine, it is an issue with that particular device.
2You can determine if the issue is with your router by performing a reboot of the router to see if that restores connectivity. You can even bypass the router altogether and test your signal before it goes through your router
3If you are experiencing issues with your network that connects directly to your device, then it is a problem with your service or radio receiver

If you have tried all of these options and you have determined that the issue is your router or your signaling, please contact us as the issue may require a service visit. You can call our wireless support team at 855.881.3385

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