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Tamper Alerts

If your door/window sensor is sending tamper alerts and nothing appears to be wrong with your sensor, there is likely a problem with your tamper switch. Sometimes after a lot of use, the tamper switch will flatten out and no longer send a signal. This will send a false tamper alert to your panel. Complete the following steps to fix your sensor:

1Go to your panel and put it in Test Mode (If you have a Go!Control panel, click here to learn how to put your system into Test Mode)
2Go to your door/window sensor
3Open the sensor by pushing down the tab on top. Use a small screwdriver or a coin to help you
4Check the tamper switch and try bending it upward back in place
5Replace the cover of your sensor making sure to snap it back in place
6Go to your touchscreen panel to see if there is still a tamper alert on the touchscreen. If your sensor is still sending false tamper alerts even while properly mounted, contact our Customer Care Team for assistance
7Be sure to exit Test Mode on your touchscreen panel when you’re finished

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