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False Visitor Detection Clips

Every front porch is different. If your Vivint Doorbell Camera is giving you too many visitor detection notifications and/or clips, there are settings that you can adjust to help. By reducing the motion and visitor detection sensitivity and placing your motion detection box in the right area, you can increase the accuracy of your Doorbell Camera. Follow the steps below to learn how:

1Go to your SkyControl panel and tap the camera icon
2Tap your Doorbell Camera
3Tap the settings icon in the top right corner
4Enter your 4-digit PIN
5Scroll down and tap 'Visitor Detection settings'
6Tap 'Detection settings'
7Use the touch screen to adjust the size and placement of the motion detection area. The three horizontal bars in the bottom right corner of the box can be used to stretch and shrink the size of the box. Use the sliders on the right to adjust the sensitivity and person detection

Motion Detection Box: This is the area in which your camera looks for motion. For optimum results, it is best to have a smaller box that is located where someone is most likely to pass through. The larger the box is, the more likely you are to get false motion detection. It is also best to place your detection box so that it does not include any trees or other plants. If the wind moves the branches, it could cause false visitor detection.

Motion Detection Sensitivity: Motion detection sensitivity is how sensitive your camera is to movement. If you are getting too many visitor detections, adjust this setting down to six or seven.

Person Detection Sensitivity: Person detection is Vivint's latest technology that looks specifically for people in the video frame. To reduce the number of false person detection clips and notifications, set this setting down to two.

7Go back to the camera settings menu to save your changes

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