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Heat Pump with Auxiliary not Engaging

If you have a Vivint Element™ Thermostat and a heat pump in your home and you suspect that your auxiliary heat is not being engaged properly, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

1First, run a heating test on your Element. Click here to learn how to run the test
2If the heating test fails to increase the temperature, you will know that there is a possible communication error between your Element and your auxiliary heat. Go to your breaker box and turn off power to your thermostat
3You will need remove the Element to check the wire configuration. The Element is attached to the back plate with a magnet. To remove the Element, grasp it from the back and gently pull towards you
4For a heat pump system with an auxiliary heat unit, you should have these wires attached.

If you have a wire in the W slot, you will need to move the wire to the W2 slot. If you already have a wire in the W2 slot, move that wire to the A slot first. You can remove the wires by pushing down the tabs with your finger or a pen and then gently pulling on the wire. Connect the wires by pushing them into the desired slot
5Once you have placed the wires in the proper position for your heat pump with auxiliary system, run a heating test again to confirm that the Element is now communicating with the auxiliary heat
6If your wires are configured correctly and your auxiliary unit is still not heating your home, there might be an issue with the auxiliary unit itself. You will need to contact a local HVAC service for assistance with your system

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