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Dealing With Panel Alerts

Vivint will deliver many types of alerts directly to your panel. These alerts can consist of notifying you when a battery is low in one of your sensors or smart home devices, if it has detected a tamper with the system or if there has been a loss of communication with a sensor or device.

To see what type of alert your panel is experiencing, simply tap the yellow bell in the top right of your SkyControl home screen. By tapping on the alert and reading it, the alert will be considered 'Acknowledged' and the beeping will silence for the next eight hours to give you time to address the issue.

Loss of Communication

A Loss of Communication alert means the sensor triggering the alert can no longer communicate with your panel. This is most likely caused by a low battery, approximate distance to the panel has exceeded limits, or an issue with the system network. To resolve the Loss of Communication alert, put your system into test mode, and trigger the sensor that is sending the alert. If the alert has not been cleared, the yellow hazard icon will still be displayed. In this case, you will need to contact Customer Care for support.

Low Battery

A low battery alert means that the sensor/product that is identified in the alert has a low battery and you must replace it. Replacing the batteries for each device is simple. We've created detailed tutorials for each device to teach you how to change the batteries.

Sensor Tamper

A sensor tamper alert simply means that there is something 'tampering' with your sensor. This is most often caused by the cover of the sensor not being returned completely, or a battery not pressed down all the way. To clear the alert, put your panel into Test Mode, go to the sensor that is causing the alert, and correct the issue as necessary. If you have tried replacing the cover completely, placing the batteries down all of the way, and closing any gaps, yet the alerts continue contact Customer Care for support.

Panel Tamper

A panel tamper alert occurs when the panel faceplate is not completely secured to the backplate. To fix the issue, you will need to perform a visual inspection of the panel to check for any obvious cracks, any wires that may be interfering with the tamper connection or if there are any wires bundled together causing the panel to bulge and set off the tamper alert. Also, check the single screw at the top of the panel to make sure it is screwed all the way down. Please note, if the tamper alert continues and you arm your system, there is the chance that the alarm will sound. If the alerts continue, please contact Customer Care for support.

Weather Alert

Your panel will alert you when there is a severe weather alert for your area such as a tornado. The alert will be in the top right corner of your home screen just like the other alerts and you can acknowledge them in the same way. Tap the alert to read the message and take appropriate action.

Go!Control Panels

If you have a Go!Control panel, you can learn how to clear severe weather alerts and other panel alerts by clicking on the included links.

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