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Hardware/Remote Access Problems

If you have a problem with your Space Monkey hardware or desktop client, please first try these simple steps! Stop at the step that corrects your problem.
1Make sure your device's power cable is firmly attach to the device, and to the power source
2Make sure your device's network cable is firmly plugged into the device, and to a direct internet connection (router or modem, NOT to your computer)
3Look at the light on the front of your device. If it's blinking a slow blue, that's okay. If it's blinking a fast blue, it's updating its software and it might just need a minute. Though a typical update should be 10 minutes or less, if you leave it on overnight and it continues, power cycle (unplug and replug in) your device
4Make sure your client is updated to the most recent version
5Restart your client
6Restart your computer

If your problem persists, you can check for a solution in other support site pages or contact support.

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