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Missing Footage

If you are looking at your Playback footage and there is some footage missing in the timeline, there are a few things that can cause this. Check the items below to identify the problem.
1The camera could have been in privacy mode or offline. Check to see if the camera has a blue or red light. If your camera has a blue light, click here to learn how to take your camera off of privacy mode. If your camera has a red light, click here for troubleshooting steps for your camera
2Your home Wi-Fi could have been down. Check to see if your other cameras are all missing the same footage. You can also test your Wi-Fi network on mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. If your internet is having problems, you may want to try power cycling your router
3You may lose footage if your panel runs an update. If your panel recently updated, that could be the cause of your missing footage and the issue should not continue
4Another reason for missing footage could be caused by your Space Monkey being offline. Check the status of your Space Monkey in your Space Monkey app. Also, check to make sure that your Space Monkey light is breathing blue. If not, click here to learn what the different Space Monkey lights mean

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